Keep Your Children Safe

Children learn great things while watching videos, but after 7 videos, they encounter stimuli that affect their violence and psychology. Deliver videos approved by psychologists to children and protect your child's mental health with the Lella Kids app.

Safe Video Application

Psychologist Approved Videos
Specialist Psychologists watch videos one by one to protect children from the harmful effects of videos and break them down by age.
Educational and Fun Content
Children of the age of technology can now learn incredible things from videos. That's why iSTEAM and 12 Values Education are all in this app! Children will learn by watching while having fun.
Parental Report
What did your child watch from the videos? What did he learn? What's his interest this week? What can you do with your child at the weekend? We offer answers to all your questions.
Why Lella Kids?
The development of children between the ages of 2-7 is very important. The role models of this age group change very quickly as a result of their observations. 70% of children between 2-7 years of age in Turkey is watching a video. What videos are you watching? How do they observe role models from these videos? What do they learn? We have developed an app that offers videos approved by psychologists to help parents in these delicate times of children. By protecting children from harmful videos, we offer them videos that will support them for their educational lives. We present our videos that support iSTEAM and 12 Values Education and provide parents with reports and analysis of the time their children spend in the application
Why It is Safe?
Stage 1: The psychology team watches all the videos one by one and sends them to the secure video repository through 18 stages.
Stage 2: Specialist psychologists divide the videos according to their earnings and share the experience appropriately.
Stage 3: Peace of mind even when you're in space! The children who are being practiced are clear of pictures that psychologists have approved, discovering new things and making age-appropriate gains. :)
What is the content of the videos selected?
Children's development, learning new things is very important. Besides, it is more important for children to learn to share, to love, to tolerate. Therefore, in all of our videos, iSTEAM (Curious, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics development videos) and 13 Values (Love, Respect, Honesty, Justice, Tolerance, Respect for Diversity, Charity, Cooperation, Responsibility, Freedom, Happiness) , Peace, Humility).
First Tryers
Application Fees
Standard Package
Limited Video / 1 Child Access
Weekly Limited Video

2 Psychologist Follow-up

Accessing Only One Report
Mail Listesine Adını Yazdır
6 Month Subscription
6 Months Unlimited Video / 3 Children
Unlimited Video

Unlimited Psychologist Tracking

Access to All Reports

Contacting Psychologists
Şimdi Satın Al

What's in the application?

Not only Safe Videos, We Offer Analysis of Children's Videos :)

What is my child's interest?

Every week, we will share with you the potential interest from the videos he watches. In this way, you will no longer have to be separated from your child because of the screens. Thanks to the application screens offered by Lella Kids, you will discover your child's interests while learning with fun.

Which Gains From Videos

Our expert psychologists enter into the system a carefully created content system which shows what each video supports. Thanks to algortima developed by Lella Kids, we report to you which of these gains are supported.

Activity Videos You Can Do With Your Child!

Every week we share your child's achievements and possible interest report with you as well as videos of events you can do at home. In this way, your child's interest or least interested in the area related to the activities you can do, you can spend quality time.
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